Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics 2019 Care For Kids Queen Of Hearts Sponsor

Queen Of Hearts – Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics

They are a leading medical aesthetic office in Saskatoon, providing natural-looking results to enhance the beauty that each of their clients already has. Passionate about what they do, they love to share their passion with their amazing clients! The office provides clients with a warm, inviting atmosphere, with friendly and knowledgeable staff.


Dr. Kristyn Insley is the passionate founder and Medical Director for Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics. She completed her Medical Doctorate Degree at the University of Saskatchewan and has been practicing Medical Cosmetics for over 10 years. Dr. Kristyn Insley has always known that she wanted to help others to feel their best. This passion has been the driving force behind her successful cosmetic practice. Kristyn believes in providing natural-looking results for her clients to help them feel like the best versions of themselves! Her love for life, beauty, and medicine has shaped her into the warm and caring cosmetic physician that she is today.

Kristyn enjoys spending her time outside of work with her supportive fiance Jered and her loving pets. She has many interests, with travelling and cooking being at the top of her list! Kristyn loves to explore, socialize, and create happiness for those around her. Kristyn also places an emphasis on strengthening one’s mind and body, which stems from her strong passion for yoga.

Thank you, Dr. Insley, for showing your BIG ❤️ Heart! Dr. K. Insley Medical Aesthetics our  Queen Of Hearts sponsor for the Alice In Funderland Comedy & Cabaret – 2019 Care For Kids by Wiegers 

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Alice In Funderland

Alice In Funderland White Rabbit Sponsors Mother Labs Care For Kids 2019

We would like to extend our thanks to the Care For Kids by Wiegers 2019 Alice In Funderland generous sponsors for helping us make this important and fun event happen. Please support them like they have supported the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Introducing White Rabbit Sponsors -Mother Labs

White Rabbit Sponsors Mother Labs

The wonder of innovation. Mother eliminates concern and replaces it with wonder.

Canada’s premium cannabis nursery, Mother labs grows clean cannabis in all stages for business and consumers. They naturally cut out inconsistent traits that deviate from perfection by selecting the very best genetics available today. For supreme cannabis cuttings and plants, let Mother Labs help.

  • Purpose-built facility Mother labs
  • Year-round production
  • Huge inventory
  • Verified genetics guaranteed
  • Pest and disease free stock
  • Experience proven logistics team
  • Genetic storage and development
  • Low carbon footprint

Micropropagation perfectionists

They wield the power of biotechnology to weed out inconsistent elements that deviate from perfection, leaving their plants with the best genes in the pool. Using tissue culture micropropagation, superior elements of each plant stay and everything else goes. The outcome is the highest quality disease and pest-free plants that are robust.

Mother Labs, thank you for being a Care For Kids White Rabbit sponsor.

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Alice In Funderland

2019 Wiegers Care For Kids Event – Alice In Funderland Cabaret

Wiegers Care for Kids actively fundraises year-round for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation and has already hosted five major fundraising events in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan raising $100’000’s for the new Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon. Our 2017 event, Care for Kids presents The Comedy CIRQUE it, was an all-inclusive modern day, circus-themed comedy and cabaret and was a fantastic night-out in Saskatoon, so we really wanted to go even bigger in 2019! 

Alice In Funderland 

Join us this year for our major fundraising event on June 1, 2019- which is going be themed  Alice in Funderland!

The goal this year is to raise a minimum of $400,000 to help Saskatchewan children and families in the hospital. We need your help to achieve this lofty goal! 

This year, we are also campaigning to bring Jimmy Kimmel to Saskatoon by encouraging shares on our Facebook video below. 

What you can expect at the event:

We are going ALL out to create the most fun and spectacular event that Saskatoon has ever seen….so you dont want to miss out – get your tickets here: 

Want to become a sponsor for the 2019 amazing event? Many sponsorship packages have already been sold – so please  Click here and contact us if you would like more information

Alice In Funderland