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Calidon Equipment Leasing & Financial Services Cheshire Cat Sponsors 2019 Care For Kids

We would like to extend our thanks to the Care For Kids by Wiegers 2019 Alice In Funderland generous sponsors for helping us make this important and fun event happen. Please support them like they have supported the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Introducing Calidon Equipment Leasing Cheshire Cat Sponsors for our Alice In Funderland 2019 Care For Kids by Wiegers Comedy & Cabaret 

Calidon Equipment Leasing Sponsor

Calidon Equipment Leasing & Calidon Financial Services-Cheshire Cat Sponsors

Calidon Equipment Leasing is on a mission to make leasing simple. Their secure online tools make it easy for you to do business with them. You can try out different terms, get quotes immediately and apply online in minutes. In addition, they have declared Calidon a jargon-free zone. Leasing is a lot easier to understand when the language is simple.

What’s in a Name? Calidon is a variation on the Spanish word ‘calidad’ or ‘quality’.

here are several good reasons to lease equipment from Calidon rather than buy. Here are their top three:

 1. Tax benefits

  • Lease payments can be expensed rather than depreciated as a capital cost.

2. Keep your cash in your pocket

  • Leasing means you don’t touch your reserves of cash, or your credit line, so they’ll be there when you need them for an emergency or an opportunity.

3. Transfer wealth to family members

  • When the lease ends the equipment can be purchased for 10% of the original value. Family members are welcome to take this purchase option.

Independently owned and operated equipment lease provider serving the three prairie provinces. Calidon is built upon timely service and competitive rate

Thank you Calidon Equipment Leasing for being a Care For Kids by Wiegers Cheshire Cat sponsor.


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