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White Rabbit Sponsor B & T Polar Pork Farms Ltd- 2019 Care For Kids By Wiegers

We would like to extend our thanks to the Care For Kids by Wiegers 2019 Alice In Funderland generous sponsors for helping us make this important and fun event happen. Please support them like they have supported the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Introducing B&T Polar Pork Farms, White Rabbit Sponsors

The Saskatchewan pork industry creates employment for more than 1500 people in production, processing, research, animal health, transportation and other vital service industries essential to sustainable animal production. The Possberg family have been tireless supporters and advocates for the hog industry in Saskatchewan and Canada. Florian Possberg with his wife Betty, started farming by building and managing a 60 sow operation near Humboldt in 1976. Florian was one of the founders of Big Sky Farms which grew to become the second largest hog producer in Canada. Bryan and Tifanie Possberg are owners and operators of B&T Polar Pork Farms near Loreburn, SK. 

“I am a second generation pork farmer and grew up tagging along with my dad Florian (mom Betty) who built our family’s first pork barn 40 years ago in Humboldt.  That farm grew to be Big Sky Farms, the largest pork producer in the province! I often helped out in the barns after school, on weekends and during summer holidays.  I’d feed the larger pigs and nursery piglets, move and tag animals, and assist with vaccinating piglets. At one point I thought we’d move away from the farm, but my wife Tifanie and I were offered the opportunity to operate our own pork farm and it turned out to be a great decision!” Bryan Possberg


What makes a good pork producer?

“You need a good understanding of animal behaviour and handling and also a willingness to learn as much as you can!  If the pigs aren’t cared for properly- you have no business.  Healthy animals are productive.   Tifanie and I are very hands-on with the animals and maintain a low-stress environment and approach to raising and handling them.  We don’t leave anything to chance and monitor them 24/7.  Animals are pretty easy to read if you know the signs to look for!”  We’re proud of our role in producing high-quality pork!” Tifanie 


Thank you B & T Polar Pork Farms Ltd for being a Care For Kids – White Rabbit Sponsor for this years Alice In Funderland Event! 

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