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Care For Kids By Wiegers Cheshire Cat Sponsor Metric Design Centre

We would like to extend our thanks to the Care For Kids by Wiegers 2019 Alice In Funderland generous sponsors for helping us make this important and fun event happen. Please support them like they have supported the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Introducing Metric Design Centre – Care For Kids by Wiegers Cheshire Cat Sponsors 


The Metric Design Story…

Tamara Bowman’s interior design career began in 1999. Creating spaces with clients is a passion, however, she noticed a disconnect in the industry. Her ambition to produce the best overall experience for her clients felt challenged by the products available, the running about to make selections, and the friction between suppliers, sub-trades, designers, and contractors.

When Tamara shifted to providing the role of the designer and project manager, her client’s experience changed completely, blooming the concept of Metric Design.

Bringing together quality brands combined with professionals makes the design-build process quicker, simpler, less stressful, and fun while providing packaged projects under one roof. Clients love creating their dream projects alongside their design and contracting team; selecting materials; reviewing drawings in one location; coffee in hand; and confidence in knowing their space will look and feel incredible.

Dedicated to being community focused, Tamara is actively involved in many large scale community fundraisers offering countless hours as a committee member to ensure that the styling and decor is over the top and of course fantastic. Speaking of dedication, she competed and accepted a win 2 years in a row for Saskatoon’s Swinging With The Stars personally raising tens of thousands for local charities. Tamara was also an acting board member with the Downtown Business Improvement District of Saskatoon and is adamant about making Saskatoon a great place to live.




At Metric we believe in being involved in our community, supporting our industry, and in creating a culture that is contagious.












Tamara and the Metric team are in charge of the event space design …we can’t wait to see how their ideas are going to come to life! 

We are going ALL out to create the most fun and spectacular event that Saskatoon has ever seen….so you don’t want to miss out – get your tickets here: